Medical Report

HC Fribourg-Gottéron will - in all likeliness - be able to count on the two forwards next week.

Viktor Stålberg
PHOTOPRESS / Anthony Anex

According to La Liberté, Viktor Stålberg hurt his knee in the last game of the regular season, he did, however, not need to undergo further medical exams. He should be good to go for next week.

Jörg, who had been out of the lineup after a hit to the head by Claudio Cadonau, should also be ready. He is not dealing with any concussion symptoms, but, according to Christian Dubé, his neck had been blocked and that is why he did not play on Monday.

Daniel Brodin, on the other hand, will not be ready for the start of the playoffs. The Swede suffered a concussion in early February and has been out of the lineup ever since. However, according to him, he is doing better: "I'm taking it step by step. I'm now able to do cardio on the ice."

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