Medical Report

Monnet, likely suffering from a concussion for weeks, has been feeling better but wants to be cautious about his comeback on the ice.

HC Sierre

"The headaches are easing up nicely. It's getting a little better" reveals Thibaut Monnet to Le Nouvelliste. During the pre-season, the 39-year-old forward probably sustained a concussion, which prevents him from stepping on the ice. A specialist, however, will have to confirm the diagnosis.

"A concussion is never a minor thing; you can't take it lightly" continues Monnet, who already suffered from a few concussions in his career. "I will assess the situation on a daily basis. Today, I am thinking about my health before considering a return to the ice. It is premature to give a date. I don't want to take any risks."

( 18 September 2021 | lle )