Champions Hockey League

The shareholders of the Champions Hockey League met online today for the general assembly.

Fewer teams in the CHL as of 2023

The shareholders also agreed to an updated shareholder's agreement, which is valid until 2028. This, in turn, allowed the CHL to sign a new agreement with Infront right after the general assembly. Like the shareholders' agreement, it will run through 2028.

The shareholders also voted in favor of reducing the number of participating teams in the league from 32 to 24. “The CHL Board had negotiated the new contract with Infront under such a precondition, as a reduction in teams will create a higher-quality on-ice product and more exclusivity. This will also lead to greater financial compensation for the teams involved”, CHL President Peter Zahner said.

As for their finances, CEO Martin Baumann was able to present a "pleasing result". While the exchange rate was not working in their favor this financial year, they still made a small net profit in the 2019-20 season.

( 09 June 2020 | mso* )
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