Champions Hockey League

The tournament will still feature a 32-team knockout format but the schedule will be condensed.

CHL moves its start from October 6th to November 17th

The CHL Board has decided that due to uncertainties surrounding the current Covid19-pandemic, a tournament start in October is no longer feasible. Travel-restrictions also would prevent several match-ups from being completed. The new starting date is November 17th.

“Six more weeks of preparation time will allow us to continue working on solutions for critical match-ups and ideally, some of the restrictions will be lifted in the meantime,” CHL president Peter Zahner explained.

The later start will also force back-to-back games. In the rounds of 32 and 16 both games would be played within 24 hours in the same city. The higher ranked team generally should have home-ice advantage. An updated schedule has not yet been released.

( 08 September 2020 | yzu )
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14 October 2020
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