Champions Hockey League

At today's extraordinary general assembly of the Champions Hockey League, the shareholders voted in favor of introducing a new competition format.

The new format, which will be implemented as of next season, will see each team face six different opponents in the "regular season". Furthermore, the teams will be ranked in overall standings instead of groups.

The best 16 teams will move on to the knockout stage. The knockout stage remains unchanged. Only the draw will differ, as now opponents will be determined due to their rankings in the "regular season" (1st vs 16th and so on).

As for the distribution of slots: the six shareholder leagues will get three spots each, and the reigning CHL champion is guaranteed a slot as well. The remaining five places are given to five teams from "Challenger Leagues", as the number of participating countries is set at eleven.

In other news, EV Zug's Patrick Lengwiler will succeed Patrick Zahner as representative of the Swiss founding clubs on the CHL board. Lengwiler will be on the board for at least one and a half years, as the next election will take place in June 2024.

( 04 November 2022 | mso )