IIHF World Championship

The schedule for the 2019 World Championship has been released. Switzerland's first game will take place on May 11 at 12:15 pm (CEST) against Italy.

Photo: Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

The tournament starts on May 10, 4:15 pm, featuring Finland vs Canada in Kosice and Russia vs Norway in Bratislava. Host Slovakia will play their first game later that day, at 8:15 pm, against the US.

As already mentioned, Switzerland makes their first appearance the next day at noon. The rest of the games are as listed (all in Bratislava):

-May 12, 8:15 pm vs Lativa

-May 14, 8:15 pm vs Austria

-May 15, 4:15 pm vs Norway

-May 18, 8:15 pm vs Sweden

-May 19, 8:15 pm vs Russia

-May 21, 12:15 pm vs Czechia

Quarterfinals will be played on May 23, semifinals on May 25 and medal games on May 26.

The full schedule for the 2019 World Championship is available here.

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