IIHF World Championship

The pressure on the IIHF is on: their main sponsor is threatening to withdraw their money if the IIHF does not consider another host to the tournament.

Main sponsor might withdraw money for World Championship

Athletes, politicians, and others have spoken out against Belarus hosting the World Championship. Due to the political and humanitarian situation in Belarus, many, including co-host Latvia, have asked the IIHF to reconsider their choice.

The IIHF and with it its president René Fasel have been hesitant about making a decision about the entire tournament. Škoda might now force their hand by issuing the following statement: "We've been a proud partner to the IIHF World Championship for 28 years. But we also respect & promote all human rights. Therefore, Škoda will withdraw from sponsoring the 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship if Belarus is confirmed to be co-hosting the event."

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