IIHF World Championship

After his stint with the Austrian national team, Del Curto is happy to have broken his word of never working in hockey anymore.

"Being with these guys, working and talking with them, how they pulled along – that was great," Arno Del Curto tells Blick. "And to play on a level playing field against the big nations at the World Cup was really cool."

Asked about what's next for Del Curto in ice hockey, he does not want to use the words again he once used to: "I'm not saying I'm not going to do anything anymore. But I won't take over a club anymore – no chance. But who knows, maybe I'll help again sometime."

If he remains on Austria's staff is not yet clear: "There were players who wanted me to shake hands on that I would continue. But I pulled away and said: 'Let's have a few beers first'".

( 25 May 2022 | tme )