IIHF World Championship

After the two games against France, the head coach of the Swiss national team made a decision regarding the roster for the World Championship.


Eight players will no longer be part of the preparation process for the Worlds: David Aebischer, Thierry Bader, Joshua Fahrni, Lukas Frick, Ken Jäger, Gilles Senn, Nathan Vouardoux, and Ludovic Waeber. Five others will not join the team due to injuries: Sven Andrighetto, Grégory Hofmann, Philipp Kurashev, Lino Martschini, and Pius Suter.

There are, however, also seven new additions to the team: Leonardo Genoni, Tobias Geisser, Dean Kukan, Fabrice Herzog, Sven Senteler, Dario Simion, and Tim Berni. Janis Moser, who will also suit up for the national team, will join them in week 4 of the preparation.

As for Roman Josi, it is not yet clear whether he will able to suit up for the national team. He will undergo further medical exams before making a decision. Josi had missed the remainder of the NHL regular season due to a concussion.

Switzerland's roster for Week 3

Goaltenders (3): Sandro Aeschlimann (HC Davos), Connor Hughes (Fribourg-Gottéron), Leonardo Genoni (EV Zug)

Defenders (9): Tim Berni (Columbus Blue Jackets / NHL), Lian Bichsel (Leksands IF / SWE), Dominik Egli (HC Davos), Michael Fora (HC Davos), Tobias Geisser (EV Zug), Andrea Glauser (Lausanne HC), Dean Kukan (ZSC Lions) Romain Loeffel (SC Bern), Christian Marti (ZSC Lions)

Forwards (13): Andres Ambühl (HC Davos), Christoph Bertschy (Fribourg-Gottéron), Enzo Corvi (HC Davos), André Heim (HC Ambri-Piotta), Fabrice Herzog (EV Zug), Johnny Kneubühler (HC Ambri-Piotta), Dario Meyer (EHC Kloten), Tyler Moy (SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers), Damien Riat (Lausanne HC), Sandro Schmid (Fribourg-Gottéron) Sven Senteler (EV Zug), Dario Simion (EV Zug), Calvin Thürkauf (HC Lugano).

( 23 April 2023 | mso* )