IIHF World Championship

The 30-year-old forward will be supported by three assistants at this year's World Championship.


While Nino Niederreiter will serve as captain of the Swiss national team, Andres Ambühl, Gaëtan Haas, and Christian Marti will be his assistants.

As of today, Patrick Fischer has registered 19 skaters and two goalies for the tournament. Joren van Pottelberghe, Mike Künzle, Damien Riat, and Tim Berni are not yet on the roster. With the New Jersey Devils having been ousted from the playoffs, it seems likely that at least some of the four Swiss players (Akira Schmid, Jonas Siegenthaler, Nico Hischier, Timo Meier) on the NHL team might join the national team for the Worlds.

( 12 May 2023 | mso* )