The official gazette of the Canton of Ticino published a report with the title "provisional notice of the opening of bankruptcy" today.


In it, the authorities ask "the bankrupt's debtors to no longer make payments to the bankrupt or risk having to pay twice. In addition, persons holding assets of the bankrupt, in whatever capacity, are obliged to make them immediately available to the bankruptcy office."

The HC Ladies Lugano issued a press release after the report became public, stating that they are involved in a legal battle with one of its former coaches and that this battle resulted in a bankruptcy ruling. The club will, however, take legal action to solve the issue.

According to La Regione, the dispute is about money. The former coach of the HC Ladies Lugano, which was fired in October 2020, is looking for his wages for the entirety of the 2020-21 season. Flavia Petrimpol, the CEO of the team, said that they did not want to disclose the details of the matter as it is an ongoing process: "When the issue will be resolved, we will inform you about it."

( 14 October 2021 | mso )