While eight players have left the team, the Women's League team was also able to add eight new players to their roster.


Sandy Heim (ZSC Lions), Laura Zimmermann (college hockey in North America), Timea Messerli (Brandis Ladies), Gionina Spiess (Brandis Ladies), Jessica Ujcik (Brandis Ladies), Tina Brand (break due to injury and her education), Julia Schafer (off to Finland), and Betty Jouanny have all decided to pursue their career elsewhere.

EV Bomo Thun will, however, be able to count on eight new arrivals: goaltender Jade Dübi (SC Reinach), defenders Sarina Bardill (Eisclub Wil) and Marie-Pierre Pélissou (Neuchâtel Hockey Academy), and forwards Cindy Joray (Neuchâtel Hockey Academy), Ophélie Ryser (Neuchâtel Hockey Academy), Estelle Duvin (TPS Turku), Maija Otamo (TPS Turku), and Angie Mason (played in Alberta, CAN).

Their coaching staff has also extended their contracts: head coach Thomas Zwahlen and assistant coach Petra Melicherikova have signed one-year deals.

2022-23 roster of EV Bomo Thun

Goaltenders (4): Nubya Aeschlimann, Neriah Dietrich, Jade Dübi, Amelie Walzer.

Defenders (9): Sarina Bardill, Maureen Bittel, Alixane Berthod, Tanja Hänggi, Liv Hunziker, Julia Marty, Simone Minder, Marie-Pierre Pélissou, Alena Rossel.

Forwards (12): Alizée Aymon, Estelle Duvin, Jana Gerber, Rahel Hänggi, Cindy Joray, Tanja Kunz, Stefanie Marty, Angela Mason, Maija Otamo, Cassandra Rensch, Ophélie Ryser, Andrea Schranz.

( 07 July 2022 | mso )