Swiss Women's National Team

Head coach Colin Muller has called up 22 players for the tournament in which they will face Finland, Germany, Czechia, and Sweden.

Colin Muller has made his choice for the tournament in Finland.

Sara Bachmann (ZSC Lions), Nina Harju (ZSC Lions), Vanessa Kleeb (SC Langenthal), and Jade Surdez (HC Ladies Lugano) will all wear the jersey of the Swiss national team for the first time in their careers.

At the tournament in Vierumäki, Finland, the Swiss team will face host country Finland on November 8 at 19:00. In the following days, they will also play against Germany (9.11.), Czechia (11.11.), and Sweden (12.11.).

The Swiss team at the tournament in Vierumäki/FIN

Goalies: Sandra Heim (ZSC), Alexandra Lehmann (Thun), Caroline Spies (Langenthal)

Defenders: Nele Bachmann (ZSC), Lara Christen (Langenthal), Nina Harju (ZSC), Janine Hauser (ZSC), Nadine Hofstetter (Langenthal), Shannon Sigrist (Thurgau), Stefanie Wetli (Thurgau)

Forwards: Sara Bachmann (ZSC), Mara Frey (Langenthal), Emma Ingold (Langenthal), Vanessa Kleeb (Langenthal), Sinja Leemann (ZSC), Lena Marie Lutz (Lugano), Alina Marti (ZSC), Zoe Merz (Lugano), Lisa Rüedi (ZSC), Noemy Ryhner (Leksands), Lara Stalder (Brynäs), Jade Surdez (Lugano)

Standby: Nadia Häner (Basel/ZSC), Tanja Hänggi (Thun), Oona Emmenegger (Langenthal), Marilyn Fortin (Neuchâtel), Nora Harju (ZSC), Aurela Thalmann (ZSC)

( 21 October 2022 | tme )