IIHF World Junior Championship

Marco Bayer and his team finish the 2022 World Juniors with a 6-3 loss to Canada.

Canada already secured their win in the first period, when they scored four goals on nine shots, compelling Marco Bayer to switch out goaltender Noah Patenaude for Kevin Pasche in the 18th minute of play.

Still, the Swiss did not give up and also generated some offense, recording three goals (two by Attilio Biasca and one by Simon Knak). They did, however, not manage to close the gap.

"We played really well," Knak told IIHF.com. "We showed we can compete with those guys. They’re such a good offensive team, but our offense played well also. Pasche was really good in the goal, and we were always in the game."

The Swiss team ends the tournament with one win against Austria in the preliminary round. Simon Knak, Dario Allenspach, and Attilio Biasca were selected as the top three Swiss players of the tournament by the team.

( 18 August 2022 | mso )