Women's Hockey

The Swiss forward aims to play in the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) the coming season and is collecting offers from teams.


Alina Müller is looking forward to being able to live from what she is doing. "I can fulfill my dream and play as a professional", she states to the Tages-Anzeiger. The 25-year-old has just gotten done with her collegiate career. To her advantage, the PHF doubled its salary cap to 1.5 million dollars per team for the coming season, which means players should be able to live off what they earn there.

It was recently reported that she had come to terms with the PHF's Boston Pride, but, as the Tages-Anzeiger writes, she is still listening to offers. Currently, her preference is the Premier Hockey Federation, but their rival league, the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association, might also become an option in the future. Most US-American and Canadian national team members are playing there, and Müller mentions that "someday I really want to play with and against them."

Müller also notes that she wants to continue her career until at least 2026 and participate in the Olympic Games in Milano. "That would be another dream come true," says Müller. "I have Italian roots, and for the first time my parents would be able to see me play live at the Olympics."

A return to Switzerland is not an option at the moment, but should the path of professionalizing Swiss women's hockey continue, that might change someday.

( 03 May 2023 | esi* )