Women's Hockey

24 players of the Professional Women's Hockey League have been invited to participate in the "Canadian Tire PWHL 3-on-3 Showcase at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on Feb. 1."

SIHF / Keystone

Among those elite players from the PWHL is Alina Müller. The showcase will see two teams of twelve players each compete in a 20-minute game. Müller is part of Team King, which also features Kendall Coyne Schofield, Hilary Knight, Kelly Pannek, Marie-Philip Poulin, Blayre Turnbull, Savannah Harmon, Megan Keller, Ella Shelton, Lee Stecklein, Ann-Renée Desbiens, and Aerin Frankel.

Müller started the season with the ZSC Lions Frauen, recording 15 goals and ten assists in six games. In her two games for Boston, she has recorded one assist thus far.

( 16 January 2024 | mso )