MyHockey League

SC Langenthal AG will include the men's team in the MyHockey League, the women's team, and the youth sector.

The steering committee appointed to guide SC Langenthal in the first steps of their new adventure has found eight names for the Board of Directors for the new association SC Langenthal AG: Silvia Jäger, Alexandra Kämpf, Simon Flückiger, Raphael Ciapparelli, Sandro Fuhrer, René Gerber, Mischa von Gunten, and Walter Ryser. The new SC Langenthal AG will be responsible for the women's team, the entire junior sector, and the MyHockey League team.

SC Langenthal will be the sole shareholder of the new SC Langenthal AG. Therefore, various personnel changes will also take place at the club level. The current board members Walter Ryser (president) and Mischa von Gunten will leave the board of the club and will take a seat on the board of SC Langenthal AG. Also leaving the board will be Monika Siegenthaler, Angela Kölliker, Karin Wüthrich, and André Rentsch. Regula Schnetzer will continue to be a member of the board while Daniela Widmer has not yet decided. Sven von Gunten will be the new president of SC Langenthal while Andreas Hasler will join the board.

The club will take care of the relationship with the fans, the operative area, membership development, and events. Both new boards will be elected and installed in June at the club's annual general meeting.

( 01 March 2023 | lle )