MySports League

With a 4-3 SO win against HC Valais-Chablais in Game 5, HC Sierre won the best-of-five playoff final of the MySports League.

HC Sierre is the new champion of the MySports League.

After six years, HC Sierre will play again in the second tier of the professional ice hockey system in Switzerland. At the end of the 2012-13 season, due to financial problems, HC Sierre left the Swiss League and started the following season in the 3. Liga of the Regio League. After immediate back-to-back promotions, HC Sierre had to wait until today's thrilling game in order to celebrate the return into the Swiss League.

HC Sierre was basically already promoted to the Swiss League, since their license was approved, while their opponent, HC Valais-Chablais, did not receive it even after appealing the initial decision of the league.

( 30 March 2019 | lle )