National League

NLA -In a double interview with the Südostschweiz, the two top scorers Marcus Paulsson (HC Davos) and Peter Mueller (Kloten Flyers), also shed some light on their plans for the future.

Photo: HC Davos

The two top scorers have scored 24 goals each this season and will face each other in the Playoff quarterfinals with HC Davos and the Kloten Flyers, respectively. A new experience for both, as they only came to Switzerland last summer. How their future will look like is, however, not yet certain as their contracts are running out at the end of the season.

"I will probably stay with HC Davos," Marcus Paulsson reveals to the Südostschweiz. "I feel comfortable in this team and I really like living in the mountains." On the other hand, Kloten Flyers' Peter Mueller wants to return to the NHL: "As long as the season is on, you can't negotiate with NHL-teams," the 25-year-old explains. "The Flyers and I have put our cards on the table. So there have been no discussions about a contract extension yet."