National League

As HC Davos' president Gaudenz Domenig says to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the loss resulting from the 2014-15 campaign will even exceed the loss from 2013-14, which implies that it may well go into the seven figures.


In 2013-14, HC Davos presented a loss of CHF 928,000. This year, it will be even higher and, thus, might be around CHF 1 million. As the NZZ writes, HC Davos had the most expensive team ever during the last season and it is merely for financiel reasons that they are planning the new season with only three import-players.

Also the leaving of the von Arx brothers has lowered the total payroll, but only marginally, the NZZ calculates. Because the Grisons will market the Spengler Cup on their own now - which will bring more money - they had to hire more people in the administration area. The sponsoring income for the upcoming season is, according to Domenig, a bit higher than last term.

For the upcoming season, however, Gaudenz Domenig expects a considerably improved outcome. The next big challenge will be to keep the team together next spring. (tme)