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In a feature on ESPN about the trade which sent Joe Thornton from the Boston Bruins to the San Jose Sharks, the forward reveals that he could imagine ending his career with HC Davos one day.

Photo Elliot / CC-BY-SA-2.0

"Possibly, yeah," says the 36-year-old forward. "Right now, you're just focused on this but down the road, maybe. Although as long as my body is good, I'd like to play as many years as possible here, too. Who knows, right?"

Thornton met his wife Tabea in Davos when he was playing for them during the 2004-05 lockout (54 points in 40 games) and thus has strong ties to the area. He is currently in the second seasons of a three-year contract extension he signed with the Sharks in 2014. This season, he has scored four goals and twelve assists in 27 games. (mso)