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"No, he won't be our coach anymore," ZSC Lions CEO Peter Zahner confirms in an interview with SRF. "A successful era comes to an end," Zahner continues, "but he wants to return to the NHL and we're not willing to wait."

Photo  ZSC Lions

As decisions about coaches in the NHL are usually taken not before June or July, the ZSC Lions have decided not to wait that long and, thus, definitely not to extend Marc Crawford's contract. "After four years, I think we need a new impulse and he needs a new challenge," Zahner says. "I think it's okay for both sides."

The 55-year-old Stanley Cup winner (1996 with Colorado) has been the ZSC Lions' coach since 2012. He won the Swiss Championship in 2014 and the Swiss Cup in 2016. In the last three years, the Lions always finished the regular season at the top of the standings. (tme)


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