National League

As the EHC Kloten Sport AG announces, the Kloten Flyers will once again be known as EHC Kloten. The name change will be done in the second half of April 2016. The exact date has yet to be announced.


In the press release, they stress that they want to return to the image they once had: the club from the village, supported by people out of the wider Kloten area. As for who will take over the majority of the shares of the club, this is yet to be determined but "It is encouraging to see how much goodwill and support are shown in these discussions. And it should be noted that correctly, no one is willing to take a financing strategy, which does not fit Kloten." Meaning that they will cut down their costs quite a bit.

Furthermore, they emphasise that they will again try to put everything they have into their junior movement and the season ticket holders will once again be able to see all games without additional costs for the postseason. However, they call on their fans to support them in any way they can. To this effect, they will hold an event with the goal to sell as many season tickets as possible. (mso)