Swiss League

NLB - According to HC Red Ice, Kyrill Starkovs' transfer isn't blocked, but pending. They have requested an international transfer with the Swiss Federation, but have yet to receive an answer.


Team Manager Andrey Nazheskin clarifies: "We have made applications for use through the Swiss Federation for an international transfer. According to the rules of the IIHF, this procedure must be made within seven days. Currently we are still waiting for the answer. We have not received any information about a block of transfer by the IIHF. Blocking could also come from the Danish federation. "

The problem with Starkovs' transfer lies in ongoing investigations against him because of a betting scandal. HC Red Ice notes though, that this tranfer process is independent of any penalty (fine and / or suspension) imposed by the Danish federation, which later could affect the signing of the Danish-Russian player.

It will be intersting to see, if this transfer will come through. Kyrill Starkov has scored 45 points in 31 games with Esbjerg IK in the Danish league, before his contract had been dissolved with immediate effect earlier this season.


Kirill Starkov not allowed to play until further notice (29 January 2014)
Kirill Starkov joins HC Red Ice for at least the rest of the season (27 January 2014)