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All teams in the National League have now played at least two games. We can now take stock for the first time and see which player at each club has scored the most points so far.

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Points are allocated on the basis of over 40 live statistics during play. Relevant actions include scoring a goal (+70 for defencemen, +60 for forwards) or making an assist (+50/+40), blocking a shot (+10), winning a faceoff (+5) or time spent on the ice (+1 per minute). At the same time, points can be deducted for penalties (-10 to -125), shots that miss the goal (-5) or goals conceded, among other things. The highest point-scorer per team, including the current market value (as of yesterday), is listed below.

Club Name Points P/Game Value
HC Ambrì-Piotta Jakob Lilja 396 198 492'920
SC Bern Tristan Scherwey 363 181.5 472'188
HC Fribourg-Gottéron Andreas Borgman 350 116.67 396'704
Lausanne HC Antti Suomela 298 99.33 583'930
HC Lugano Calvin Thürkauf 289 144.5 420'108
EHC Biel Toni Rajala 288 144 692'513
EHC Kloten Mischa Ramel 277 138.5 235'774
HC Ajoie Gilian Kohler 263 131.5 181'230
SCRJ Lakers Tyler Moy 259 129.5 647'987
ZSC Lions Reto Schäppi 239 119.5 294'826
EV Zug Jan Kovar 238 119 654'625
SCL Tigers Vili Saarijärvi 224 112 552'985
Genève-Servette HC Sami Vatanen 185 92.5 446'308
HC Davos Kristian Näkyvä 150 75 417'823

A complete list of the stats included in the evaluation, as well as further information, can be found at The game can be downloaded as an app at any time and is free of charge (full version CHF 5 per year).