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In the coming weeks, we will take a closer look at each NL team. We’ll pick out three players from each roster that should be on every manager’s radar. Today, it’s all about HC Ajoie.

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Jonathan Hazen – the constant

With 18 points (including 11 goals) in 21 games, Jonathan Hazen is almost always on the scoresheet when HC Ajoie find the back of the net. Hazen averages an impressive 64 top scorer points per game for the team currently propping up the NL table. For a market value of less than CHF 400,000, he’s definitely worth thinking about.

Damiano Ciaccio – the dynamo

HC Ajoie's goaltenders can't complain about being underworked. Thanks to a series of strong performances (and recent injury to teammate Tim Wolf), Damiano Ciaccio is currently the number one in the Jura and saves over 30 shots per game. With an average of 86 points per game and a market value of just under CHF 370,000, Ciaccio should make it onto every manager's shortlist.

Eric Gelinas – the late bloomer

HC Ajoie has enjoyed an upturn in form ever since he came into the team: we’re talking about defenceman Eric Gelinas. While his Topscorers points tally was still in the red after the first 15 games (mainly due to a residual suspension), he’s averaged well over 100 points in the last 6 games. With a market value of less than CHF 200,000, Gelinas is a prime pick-up for any roster.

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