Swiss Ice Hockey

After there has been a lot of criticism around the single judge system, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation plans to introduce Ex-NHL referee Stéphane Auger, 44, as Director of Player Safety, the Blick reports.


The SIHF will have a vote on new structures on August 23 that will de facto deprive single judge Reto Steinmann of his powers. In the future, he won't be able to initiate proceedings anymore. Only the clubs (through handing in videos), Stéphane Auger as Director of Player Safety and Head of Referees Brent Reiber can do so.

If a club hands in a video, the club will automatically bear the costs that are arising from it. In the end, Auger and Reiber will decide on a verdict. As Blick writes, Steinmann could - in theory - adjust the verdict. In addition, the club officials are forbidden to contact Steinmann and put pressure on him in the future. The single judge is also not allowed to talk to journalists anymore.

The only reason why Reto Steinmann is still part of the system for the upcoming season is that the statutes would have to be changed immediately. He will thus hold office for another year. (tme)