RUMOR - As the Norbottens-Kurieren reports, Luleå's Dean Kukan might get a contract with an NHL team for the upcoming season. At least that's what his agent Louis Liesch tells the Swedish newspaper.

Photo Robert hradil / Rvs media

"We have an NHL contract on the table and he received several offers to join the training camp for next season", reveals the agent in the interview. However, the 21-year-old defenseman has still a valid contract with Luleå for the upcoming season.

Liesch stresses though that the chances are good that Kukan stays: "We will choose the option that is best for his development. He thrives in Luleå and he will have a major role there. We will see after the World Championship what happens."

Kukan, who is currently at the World Championship in Prague with the Swiss national team, has played 61 games for Luleå this season, scoring three goals and twelve assists. (mso)