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The league would be able to control the clubs' spending on players via wage statements.

Will there be a salary cap in the National League?

Both Watson's Klaus Zaugg and the Journal du Jura wrote about how a salary cap could function legally. Zaugg sat down with HC Davos' president Gaudenz Domenig, while the Journal du Jura had a chat with Stefan Choffat, a lawyer and former player. They both came to quite similar conclusions. For a salary cap to work, strict controls would be required, mainly via the players' wage statements. A definition of what counts towards a player's salary would be required and clubs would need to sign an agreement that the players do not have any extra benefits or income besides what is on their payroll.

As Zaugg points out, the Competition Commission would need to agree with such a proposition. With the Federal Council's demand for lower salaries, it is imaginable for them to support the idea within their competences, Domenig states. "Given that we are asked to reduce wages, one should approve the measures necessary to reach such a goal."

( 15 May 2020 | esi* )
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