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They have decided to do this as they expect the canton to only approve seats for the 2020-21 season.

EHC Biel stops sale of season tickets

Fans who have already purchased their standing room season tickets will be informed about further proceedings once EHC Biel will know more about the conditions they will have to operate under once the canton has put out its regulations.

The sale for the season tickets for the seating area is still ongoing. The Journal du Jura reported today that EHC Biel has already sold around 3,500 season tickets. Additionally, around 500 tickets are reserved for sponsors.

Depending on how many fans that will be allowed in, EHC Biel will thus probably have to make tough decisions, CEO Daniel Villard states: "If necessary, we'll have to define a way of proceeding." As the CEO tells the same source, they will, however, meet with the fan groups next week to discuss the situation.

( 13 August 2020 | mso* )