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The 33-year-old forward is still without a contract, but is keeping himself in shape.

Adrien Lauper
PHOTOPRESS / Juergen Staiger

Adrien Lauper hoped for quite some time that he could find a spot on HC Fribourg-Gottéron's roster, as he tells La Liberté. However, the Mauro Jörg-Noah Schneeberger trade closed the doors for him.

He is currently practicing with the HCB Ticino Rockets and might even play for them at some point: "Maybe I'll even have the opportunity to play, I have to talk about it with the leaders. If I can't make a living there, I can at least regain the pleasure of playing."

One thing is for sure, that is not how he envisions his career to end: "I wouldn't want to have to end my career like that - because of a virus. [...] My agent did a good job, but no one wants to sign a 33-year-old when the championship can be over overnight."

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