National League

Due to the rising number of games being postponed, the remaining schedule might need some adjustments.

What strategy to go for from here?

"It will go on", League-CEO Denis Vaucher states in regards to the continuation of the season. As Watson's Klaus Zaugg writes, it soon will be decided that the standings at the end of the season will be set by points per game again if teams are not able to finish on the same amount of games.

Other ways to help out the schedule, as listed by Klaus Zaugg, would be for example extending the qualification to play all games. Another one would be making use of the Olympic break by having teams play through it without their national team players or following the NHL's example and pulling out of the event altogether.

Another issue caused by Covid might soon be the availability of referees, officials, and technicians. A switch from the current four-referee system down to three referees per game would be an option to help out with that.

( 28 December 2021 | esi )