National League

Depending on his health, he might just get a lot of support from his staff. Jonathan Ang is set to join, while Eric Faille will probably stay.

The Zürcher Unterländer sat down with EHC Kloten's president Mike Schälchli to talk about everything coming with a promotion. One subject was Jeff Tomlinson and the position of head coach. Schälchli mentioned that it is possible for the 52-year-old to remain in his position, but with more support from the staff. "In the end, this is heavily related to Jeff's health", the president stated.

Asked about roster planning, Schälchli said that they would inform about their transfers in May, but already mentioned that one can assume Canadian Jonathan Ang will join them from HC Thurgau. As for their championship imports, while staying around is certainly an option for Eric Faille, Schlächli does not know the current intent regarding Robin Figren.

Kloten will go for a budget increase of about 2.5 to 3 million francs. As Schälchli notes, this will come from additional funds from the league's TV deal, more money from adapted sponsorships plus the expected higher earnings from ticketing and catering.

As for the on-ice ambitions, they want to present themselves better than the last team that was promoted. In the long run, they aim to once again become a permanent fixture in the National League.

( 23 April 2022 | esi )