National League

According to the Lions' updated transfer overview, Canadian forward John Quenneville is not going to be back with them next season.

Where the 26-year-old is going to play next season is not yet known. Quenneville joined the Lions in August on a short-term basis, and then earned himself a contract which kept him in Zurich for the whole season. In 48 games (including playoffs), he recorded 38 points (20 goals).

As expected, also defender Johann Morant, who only played 38 games in the past two seasons due to injury, is listed as a departure. The contract of the 36-year-old has expired.

As can also be seen in the transfer overview, 21-year-old forward Kyen Sopa and 23-year-old defender Enzo Guebey are going to be on the ZSC Lions' roster next season. So far, they were under contract with the GCK Lions. Thanks to their two-way contracts, however, they played both for GCK and ZSC last season.

( 21 May 2022 | tme )