National League

As Klaus Zaugg (Watson) reported yesterday, the 26-year-old German international has signed a one-year contract with the Tigers.

Marc Michaelis joins the SCL Tigers from the AHL, where he appeared in 22 games for the Toronto Marlies in the past season (five goals, eight assists). In 2020-21, the German forward also played 15 games in the NHL for the Vancouver Canucks (no points).

"Marc is an extremely skilled player and also a good skater," the Tigers' team manager Pascal Müller states. "He also possesses a high level of hockey intelligence."

With the addition of Marc Michaelis, the SCL Tigers now have filled their six import-positions. In defense, they count on the Finns Sami Lepistö and Vili Saarijärvi. In offense, on their compatriots Harri Pesonen and Aleksi Saarela, as well as on Canadian Alexandre Grenier.

( 28 June 2022 | tme )