National League

The club was able to surpass their own expectations in their first season in the National League.

As Radio RFJ reports, HC Ajoie's president Patrick Hauert was able to present a profit of CHF 205,000 to their shareholders at tonight's general assembly. They had set their budget at CHF 7,5 million for last season but generated revenue of CHF 8,9 million.

This was mainly due to the increase in attendance and the support of their sponsors. Their budget for the upcoming season is now set at CHF 12 million and they are hoping to have a budget of CHF 15 million for the 2023-24 season.

They have also decided to refrain from increasing the prize for their season tickets. They have, however, adapted the rates for their sponsorships as they realized that they had been charging significantly less than other National League teams.

( 13 July 2022 | mso )