National League

In the framework of their partnership, the Lakers have acquired one B-license while EHC Winterthur has acquired four.

Robin Meyer
Monika Majer / RvS.Media

On the goalie position, Robin Meyer from the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers will be able to join the squad of EHC Winterthur if necessary. Going the other way, goaltender Damian Stettler may be called up by the Lakers.

As for the forwards, EHC Winterthur will be able to rely on Jonas Taibel (19), Mats Alge (20), and Jan Hornecker (19) from the Lakers' squad if necessary.

The partnership not only aims at preventing possible gaps in the two squads but also aims at creating added value in the further development of the players.

( 11 September 2023 | lle )