Swiss League

The Swiss League team has yet to acquire their import players for the 2020-21 season.

SC Langenthal

"Depending on how this situation develops for us, it is conceivable that we start the season with only one import player or without one and give young players a chance in return," SC Langenthal's CEO Gian Kämpf tells Klaus Zaugg (Watson).

His team manager Kevin Schläpfer, on the other hand, would like to start the season with two import players, but "if we cannot play in front of spectators, not hiring import players would be the right decision and one I would fully support."

As for the financial side of things, the employees of SC Langenthal are also in short-time work and the players have decided to waive the 20 % of their salary which was not covered by the regulations. Their offer is valid until and including the May salaries. By mid-June, the procedure for the June salaries should be settled.

( 03 June 2020 | mso* )
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