Swiss League

The club today announced the re-signing of their two import forwards, both of whom have been with the club for six years already.

HC Ajoie keeps their dynamic duo.

Philip-Michaël Devos signed a four-year-contract valid until 2024-25 season while Jonathan Hazen signed a three-year-deal until spring of 2024. Hazen and Devos currently lead their team and the Swiss League in scoring with 61 and 60 points respectively.

The two Canadiens have also become some of the best scorers in HCA-History, Devos being 4th on the all-time-scorer-list with 472 points in 261 games. Hazen is 6th on that list with 411 points in 252 games.

( 12 February 2021 | yzu | Report an error )