Swiss League

Assistant Jan Melichar as well as forwards Robin Nyffeler, Fabio Kläy and Luca Wyss will all stick around for at least next season.

Extensions on SC Langenthal

For the next two seasons, SC Langenthal will be able to count on the services of Fabio Kläy and Luca Wiss. The two forwards both received extensions with the club. 27-year-old Kläy has been part of Langnethal since 2019, while 22-year-old Wyss has been with them his whole career.

For next season, Langenthal will also be able to count on the services of Robin Nyffeler and Jan Melichar. 21-year-old Nyffeler has also been part of the club for his whole career so far. Assistant coach Jan Melichar became part of the staff in 2019.

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