Swiss League

At the age of 35 and with his contract in Luleå not being extended, Niklas Olausson wanted to take on a new challenge - he found it in Visp.

Niklas Olausson wants to return to the National League.
Luleå HF

"When I realized that it would not be Luleå, I told my agent that I want to try something new. An adventure. A sporting challenge," Niklas Olausson explains in an extensive interview with and adds: "I got all that in Visp. It feels really inspiring."

Together with his old friend Linus Klasen, who also played for Luleå in the past season, the 35-year-old forward has set himself a clear goal for his time with EHC Visp, and it is not just about having fun:

«I go to Visp to do everything in my power to take the team to the top league.»
Niklas Olausson

Five years after he left EHC Biel, Olausson is thus aiming at the National League once again: "I still think I could assert myself well in the top league in Switzerland and it would be incredibly cool to be able to do that with Visp." Although he only has a one-year deal with EHC Visp for now, Olausson seems to be planning ahead already.

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