Swiss League

Although the results of Francis Perron's medical exams are not yet in, Sierre's team manager Christophe Fellay has started to act.

"I have started looking for a new foreigner," Fellay confirms to Le Nouvelliste. A quest, that is not going to be easy at this time of the year. There are two problems, Fellay says: "The lack of available players and the financial issue. But the latter is now secondary."

As the playoffs start on February 14, HC Sierre does not want to risk having only one import-player available then. One thing is clear: The new player will not be a North American. "No, it will be a European because of the delay in obtaining a work permit," Fellay says. "It's also impossible to find a foreigner who is already playing in Switzerland."

( 18 January 2023 | tme )