Swiss League

With his club SC Langenthal withdrawing from the Swiss League, the netminder had to find a new spot - and was unable to do so.

SC Langenthal

"I was ready to continue playing hockey, but not at any price or under any conditions! I have to admit that the current situation is complicated", Elien Paupe tells the Quotidien Jurassien. Having gotten no suitable offers for a new place to play, the 27-year-old netminder has thus decided to put an end to his goaltending career.

"It is weird to say it like this, but I am quitting, yes," Paupe states. "It is not the plan I had in mind. The end of my career came sooner than I had imagined. But I admit it: I am not unhappy. Other things will follow." For now, he will focus on his bachelor's degree in economics, after which he would like to do a master's degree in circular economy and sustainability. Besides that, there is an idea of doing some goalie coaching.

( 01 June 2023 | esi* )