Spengler Cup

While the cancellation of the tournament is, as of now, "out of question", as Marc Gianola tells the Tages-Anzeiger, they are working out all potential options.

Maurice Parree

Given that with the new Covoid-19 variant, several countries have been put on the quarantine list of the BAG again, the organizing committee of the Spengler Cup also has to consider that some teams might not be able to attend the tournament.

Czechia is currently on said list and that would thus mean that Sparta Prague would have to go through a ten-day quarantine to attend the tournament. That is, however, not possible as they are, like the Swiss teams, in the middle of their championship.

Gianola is expecting a decision from Sparta by the end of the week. If they were to withdraw from the tournament, the organizing committee would likely have to find a Swiss replacement for them. "We are discussing all possibilities. The important thing is that the tournament can take place in some form," Marc Gianola states.

( 29 November 2021 | mso )