Swiss Ice Hockey

Once again the Bulls have received the overall "Talent-Label", while the Young Lions have won the overall "Ambition-Label".

Every year, the label assembly gives out the labels to youth organizations based on certain criteria. The SIHF then distributes their monetary support for the development clubs according to this system. In addition to the two overall winners, the SIHF also awards the respective best club for each age group.

The overall "Talent-Label", won by EV Zug also in the last two years, looks to ensure and optimize an organization's qualitative educational programs. It also helps out so-called talent players when it comes to off-ice education and support.

This year, the youth organization of HC Thurgau, the HCT Young Lions won the overall "Ambition-Label", which is looking to advance qualitative educational programs and structures within a club. It is targeted at the area between popular and competitive sport.

The winners within each age group:

Talent label
U20-Elit: EV Zug
U17-Elit: EV Zug
U15-Elit: HC Dragon / EHC Thun
U13-Elit: HC Yverdon-les-Bains

U20-Top: SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, Forward Morges, HC Innerschwyz
U17-Top: HCT Young Lions

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