Swiss Ice Hockey

As expected, Schärer has been unanimously elected as the new chairman of the Board of Directors, succeeding Michael Rindlisbacher.

Nominated unanimously in mid-June at the league meeting of the National League and Swiss League clubs, Stefan Schärer has now been elected at the helm of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation during the ordinary general assembly of the SIHF.

In addition to the new chairman of the Board of Directors, Sacha Thür was also newly elected to the SIHF Board of Directors as the representative of the Eastern Switzerland region of the NAFS junior, amateur, and women's sports. He replaces Erwin Füllemann. Marc-Anthony Anner, Martin Affolter, Kathrin Lehmann, Peter Zahner, and Stefan Volken were unanimously re-elected. Moreover, Michael Rindlisbacher, Erwin Füllemann, and Alain Duvoisin were appointed SIHF Honorary Members.

Finally, the annual financial report was also presented to the assembly. Although a loss had been budgeted, the SIHF closed the 2022-23 business year with a profit of CHF 351'148.-. The reasons for this result were savings as well as unforeseen and therefore not budgeted additional income.

( 11 September 2023 | lle )