SC Bern, as is the norm, is still the club with the highest average of spectators on the continent. There was a restriction-caused decline.

PostFinance Arena still draws crowds
Remo Max Schindler

The National League keeps its top spot among European and second spot behind the NHL among international leagues regarding attendance. There was a 13%-drop to 6,139 due to Covid-19 restrictions, which makes the National League one of the lesser affected ones.

In Europe, the SHL comes in second (4,738, -22%), while the DEL (3,059, -53%) ranked third. As a surprising fourth, the Elite Ice Hockey League (Great Britain) only saw a drop of 5% to 2,885 spectators. They're beating out the Liiga, the Extraliga, and the KHL (which saw a drop of 63%).

Club-wise, SC Bern is still the one with the highest attendance in Europe with 13,348. Improving from seventh to second, the SHL's Frölunda Gotheburg had an average crowd of 8,531. The rest of the top five is completed by HC Fribourg-Gottéron. the ZSC Lions and EV Zug. Right after all those Swiss teams, the Sheffield Steelers from the EIHL come in with an average of 6,693.

The NHL saw an overall drop of nine percent to 15,841 people in attendance. Their top team was, mainly due to Covid-related restrictions for the usual suspects, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

( 03 May 2022 | esi )