The 65-year-old thus takes on a new task after having worked for the Chinese federation last season.

Bomo Thun adds Kölliker to their coaching staff

"Women's hockey in Switzerland has yet to reach its full potential. I want to contribute to making this potential accessible. BOMO asked me and I immediately decided to help," Jakob "Köbi" Kölliker states.

Asked whether he will be laughed at by his peers for coaching a women's team, he only had this to say: "I have achieved almost everything you can dream of in men's hockey - as a player and as a coach. The involvement with EV BOMO completes my career."

Kölliker has worked in coaching since the early nineties. He coached in the National League, the Swiss League and also worked for the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation for quite a long time.

( 16 July 2019 | mso )