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NLA - In an interview with Planète Hockey, Sébastien Reuille speaks about his future in professional hockey, as his contract with HC Lugano will expire at the end of the season.

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The 33-year-old forward is currently playing his eighth season with the Bianconeri - with a three-year break inbetween - and if they get their way, Reuille will stay there: "Currently I am looking at my options, everything is still open. Lugano wants to keep me and I am not opposed to that. We are in discussions with the team. [...] However, I don't really know yet, where my future lies."

Reuille, who just returned to the lineup, after he had been out with an adductor injury for several games, also has other offers on the table: "There are two to three teams, notably from the Romandie, which are watching me. We will see, I would like to have a contract done by mid-December."