National League

As Chris McSorley tells the Tribune de Genève, they have extended the contract of goaltender Christophe Bays for another year with the option of adding another twelve months.

Photo Gèneve-Servette HC

The 25-year-old goaltender has been with Geneva since 2014 and has appeared in 19 games for them, this season he was sidelined due to injury. As for Gauthier Descloux, they are still searching for the best solution for the young goalie.

As for Kay Schweri, he will indeed join the Grenats for two years. According to McSorley, they are only waiting for the contract to be returned to them: "Only the signature is missing." Moreover, he also confirms the contract extension of Juraj Simek. The forward had already tweeted the news out last week. Tom Pyatt, on the other hand, is still looking at his NHL options. (mso)